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The founder of H & S CITRUS had a dream...

    In the heart of this health conscious man, it was Jack Cemer's  sincere hope, that he could produce and distribute, to people like yourself, the most nutritious, health promoting, "taste" quality, tree-ripened, mature oranges and grapefruit to be found in the state of Florida.

Forty-five years later, the same hard work, dedication and philosophy  continues as George Brown (president) and his entire   H & S Citrus Team strive to keep this company as the leader, in the citrus industry.

                Jack Cemer, President/Founder of H & S Citrus
Jack Cemer
 Founder of H & S Citrus, Inc.

George Brown
President and CEO
of H & S Citrus, Inc.
We frequently see medical researchers and scientists discovering new health benefits of eating Fresh Florida Citrus.

They now know it can:
  • Promote a "Healthy Heart"
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Significantly reduce the risk of "Stroke"
  • Reduce the severity of "Colds and Flu Symptoms"
  • May fight some types of "Cancer"


Owners of H & S Citrus
Board of Directors
Dr. Robert Deery, John "Jack" Cemer, B.A. "Bunchy" Godfrey, Lois Deery, George Brown
We exclusively pick only the mature fruit on the tree. The rest is left for later harvesting, when it has had additional time to let Mother Nature take her course and it has completely ripened.

The quality of citrus fruit is determined by the ratio between the sugar content and acidity. We repeatedly test the fruit for this ratio, during its growing stages. When it has reached the optimum balance, when the fruit is at its peak, then it is harvested.

While other packers may get their fruit from the same areas -- even the same groves as H & S Citrus, no other fruit packer matches our step by step, proven plan for "taste and freshness". Every aspect of the H & S Citrus operation, is set up with one single goal in mind and that is to guarantee our customers the best fruit available in the state of Florida.

Once it has passed our "H & S Quality Standards" the fruit is washed and coated with a layer of water-soluble wax, which enhances the appearance and protects its freshness. (This wax is easily removed with tap water.)

Even though our fruit is so carefully preselected and handled, at times only about 60% of the citrus entering our packing house is ultimately shipped to our customers.

At H & S Citrus, we consider it a privilege to be a part of your fundraising efforts. As it says in Matthew 12:13, "The tree is known by his fruit." So, too, is the company that provides it to you.
fundraising fundraising fundraising fundraising fundraising

Contact Information
Address: H & S Citrus, Inc.
PO Box 1870,
Fort Pierce, FL 34954
Local: 772-461-1455
Wholesale and Gift Orders: 772-464-7350
Toll-Free: 1-800-327-1556 National
Direct Sales: 1-800-742-3355 National
Florida 1-800-225-6786 In-Side Florida
Fax: 772-461-2523
Direct Sales Fax: 772-461-9392
Fundraising: Barbara Brown Barbarab@hscitrus.com
Home & Gift Orders:  giftshipping@hscitrus.com
Direct Sales: Connie Evans conniee@hscitrus.com
Wholesale: Gary Johns gjohns@hscitrus.com

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