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We are officially closed.  Thank you for the many years of your patronage.

Patrons, We are continuing to see a decline in the quality of Florida citrus. It is still being effected by the unseasonably warm weather and growing conditions, diseases of Greening, Canker, pests and lastly the recent damaging effects of Hurricane Irma.

We are officially closed.

Once again, we're so sorry to give you this disappointing news. Thank you for the many years of your patronage.



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H & S Citrus is beginning our 55th season. With great pride, we will be delivering absolutely the BEST TASTING And FRESHEST CITRUS you can find anywhere in the good old USA! Also, bringing back the Georgia ELLIOTT PECANS.

The H & S Citrus unique philosophy and taste quality control is a big part of what makes our fruit consistently superior. This combination mixed with hard work is how we maintain the highest standards in the entire citrus industry.










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